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90 Days To Trading Mastery

The New Mentoring Program
by Jake Bernstein

Become a MUCH BETTER Trader

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Dear Trader,

Since I made my first trade in the summer of 1968 I have coached and mentored hundreds of traders all over the world.

I know WHY so many traders lose and HOW traders win! And I can teach you the winning ways, the winning tools, the winning behaviors.

Now, after mentoring so many students I am embarking on a new program designed to laser focus on success in the shortest period of time possible.

Join me in this innovative approach to becoming a better trader!
Next session dates - to be announced. Space is limited.

Get started TODAY



Once you are accepted as my new student we will spend about 30 minutes discussing your trading. We will have a frank and honest discussion on your successes and failures, what you have done right, what you have done wrong, and what you can change.

We’ll discuss your limitations, your assets and liabilities as a trader and will make a plan to decrease the bad or eliminate it entirely while increasing the good and maximizing your skills.

Once I understand you, I will design a program that focuses on teaching you the skill set you will need to become a better trader. If I cannot improve on what you’re doing, I will be straight with you and tell you that you're not a candidate for this program. If I feel I can help you, I will accept you into the program and make your participation the best experience you’ve ever had in trading education.

How It Works

I will only work with a maximum of 19 traders at each course, not including current students. Current mentoring students will be invited to attend at no charge. The program is organized as follows:

  • We will meet online in a group session, three 45-minute sessions each week.
  • At the sessions I will teach you specific trading strategies with all fully objective rules, entries, exits, stops and profit maximizing strategy complete with examples
  • I will teach you five fully objective strategies in total complete with examples and 100% objective rules
  • We will look at trades that have happened & trades that are happening right now
  • This will not be about day -trading since that is the most difficult thing in which to be successful, but rather on short-term trading, 3 to 5 days in length, to as long as 5 months
  • I  will teach you how to maximize the winners and minimize the losers
  • At each group session you will be able to ask questions by microphone which will enhance the learning experience for every member of the group
  • In addition to the three-times weekly meetings I will meet with each one of you once  each week to discuss your progress and deal with any issues you may have with implementation and/or follow through
  • All sessions will be recorded and sent to you
  • NO UPSELL – nothing else for you to buy
  • FREE 3 months of Genesis Navigator for the charts and indicators
    we will use
  • As part of the process you will receive the following materials and/or access:
  • My Weekly Capital Markets Report which will further enhance the instructions
    you get in the classes ($1295 value no charge)
  • Access to seasonaltrader.com ($495 value no charge)
  • Free access to all webinars & special reports during your period of mentorship
  • Two completely mechanical computerized trading programs
    ( valued at $2500 each, no charge)
  • Free access weekly to Bernstein on Stocks Newsletter ($495 value)
  • Free access to Jake Bernstein’s Weekly Metals Market Report ($495 value)
  • Access to me before during and after trading hours
  • My personal cell phone number for access when you need me
  • My home telephone number for access when you need me
  • My Skype address for access when you need me, and
  • Additional one-on-one time with me to help get you over any bumps
    in the road


My new program is not cheap. Education that is truly valuable is not cheap. There is nowhere in this trading and investing business where you can get one-on-one time personally tailored to your needs, with a trader with as much experience, knowledge, and teaching ability as I have. If you have been a student of mine in the past, or if you are a current client of my newsletter services, we can discuss discounts.

To Get More Information

You have nothing to lose by scheduling a free admission interview with my hand-picked admissions director, Jeff Laine, just fill out the form and we will contact you with no obligation on your part whatsoever.

Enrollment - Class size is limited

The benefits of this program are specifically the focus and one on one teaching in the group sessions where you can ask questions and get answers like nowhere else in this business. I sincerely believe this will be the best money you’ve ever spent on education. It will change the trend that so many of you have had of throwing good money to bad not only in making bad trades but also in choosing bad teachers and bad information.

To learn more about my outstanding new program click the link below, fill it out, and you will be contacted. Remember class size is limited to 19.

Next session dates - to be announced. Space is limited.

Get started TODAY

If you have questions please write me: jake@trade-futures.com

I wish you the best of trading,

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