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The Bonds Are Back Trading System

If Treasury Bonds & Treasure Notes are your focus ...
My Bonds Are Back Trading System (BAB)™ IS FOR YOU!
I believe the TBond & TNote markets will become VERY HOT as inflation accelerates!

I will only sell a few copies of BAB™, then it will be CLOSED
and no longer available.

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Yes, the 30-year TBond futures market is back! Are you surprised? I’m not! Reap the profits!
Now is the time for you to consider my Bonds Are Back (BAB) Trading System. The system runs under the Genesis™ Platform and provides 100% specific and totally objective trading signals daily. It gives you follow up daily for every trade it makes from start to finish. It is consistent, accurate and profitable. I believe it can help you grab the big moves that are coming in the 30 Yr. Bond.

Here are the features of my the BRB system:

  • Bonds Are Back™ runs on Genesis Platinum™ or Gold™
  • My Bonds Are Back system has had only two losing years!
  • An avg year is about $9k in profit after slippage and commission.
  • You can get the signals for each of the markets individually or as a Strategy Basket
  • The markets are: U.S. Treasure Bonds and U.S. Treasury Notes.
  • Every trade has a stop loss, initial profit target and trailing stop, to maximize profits!
  • BAB™ uses multiple momentum patterns and triggers to capture imtermediate & long term signals
  • You'll get a complete manual with instructions and technical support!
  • All signals are 100% objective, clear and specific
  • The average length of trade is about 121.65 days*

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