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Bernstein Trend Index 2010 Upgrade (BTI 2010)

Bernstein Trend Index System (BTIS), a unique index that I have been
developing for over 20 years, is a generation ahead of anything else I know of...

I will only sell a few copies of BTIS™, then it will be CLOSED
and no longer available.

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The BTI System trades a fully diversified group of commodities in order to achieve stable growth.

I have included representative markets from all major sectors, a total of NINE (9) MARKETS in all (excluding stock index futures which are too random and volatile in today's conditions).

The BTIS 2010 System™ Upgrade is different because it:

  • Uses % related risk
  • Requires minimal optimization
  • Is a completely updated system
  • Has over one year of out sample data
  • Adjusts trend using the BTI indicator
  • Is based on the Bernstein Trend Index™
  • Takes advantage of my divergence research and relationships
  • Looks at a multiplicity of inter-relationships in a number of time frames
  • Is cumulative and looks at a broad spectrum of behavioral aspects in the markets
  • Does not look at prices per se, rather it looks at relationships between prices and patterns
  • Uses weighted indicators and assigns weights differentially as to their importance in trend forecasting
* In addition, BTIS can be traded for you by our recommended broker!

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