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Jake's Day at a Time Trading System (DAT)

If Quick Trades are of interest to you, then my DAT Trading System (DAT)™ is WHERE IT'S AT! The DAT System™ is VERY SHORT-TERM! Average length of Trade is only 2.4 Days!!!

Here are the features of my the DAT system:

  • All Trades are 100% Clear and Objective and include:
  • Name of contract and market,
  • Stop loss and trailing stop loss,
  • Complete follow up until trades are closed out.
  • Entry and exit instructions,

I will only sell 35 copies of DAT ™ then, it will no longer be available.

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The DAT System™ Trades only 5 Markets: Yen, TBonds, EuroFX, Coffee, and Crude Oil.
Markets which are reasonably diversified and sufficiently volatile to provide frequent opportunities. As such it is not a high margin requirement system. Nothing is left to Judgement or to Interpertation. The DAT system includes a manual that explains the theory and the concept as well as full instructions for implementation. I will provide ongoing support for the DAT Systems™ In addition you will receive any updates to the system FREE of charge. Limited Number of Copies! I will sell only 35 copies of the DAT System. Once they are gone they are gone forever and no additional copies will be sold. I am doing this in order to make sure that the DAT System performance is not affected by too many traders taking the signals and thereby affecting the outcomes. As a client you get the first opportunity to buy the DAT System at a discount price! Any remaining copies will be offered to the trading public at the full price. After the 35 copies are sold, NO ADDITIONAL DAT Systems™ will be sold!

DAT History Does not reflect any Profit Maximizing Strategy!
In other words, the historical and out of sample history is for only 1 contract of each trade with commissions deducted. A multiple contract plan could dramatically improve even this excellent history. From the historical records DAT has shown incredibly accurate performance. As you can see from the out of sample history, DAT is robust and consistent. Given the amazing out of sample history I expect DAT to do well going forward.

The DAT system runs under the Genesis Navigator™ Gold or Platinum software. Trades for the next day are generated at the end of the day after you download your data. Its easy and 100% objective. If you dont have Genesis Navigator™ I can email you the trades report daily at no additional charge for one full year!

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