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Online Trading Systems

The Major Trend Trade Trading System

If weekly signals are your focus ...
Then my Major Trend Trade Trading System (MTT)™ IS FOR YOUR GAME!

I will only sell a few copies of MTT™, then it will be CLOSED
and no longer available.

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My Major Trend Trade (MTT)™ Trading System is my Most ACCURATE Intermediate Term Trading System Ever!
MTT gives you automatic buy, sell, stop & trailing stop signals via TradeStation™ and/or SuperCharts™.

Here are the features of my the MTT system:

  • MTT™ runs on Genesis Platinum™ or Gold™
  • Totally mechanical – you don’t need to make any decisions
  • Complete Manual explaining logic, strategy and procedures with instructions and technical support!
  • Easily implemented and NOT a “black box” system
  • Stop loss & trailing stop loss on all trades with High Accuracy, Lengthy Back Test, Solid Logic!
  • The markets are: Coffee, Cotton, Yen, Heating &l Crude Oil, Soybeans, SwissFr, TNotes, OJ, Copper, Br#, Euro & Can$.
  • Every trade has a stop loss, initial profit target & trailing stop, to maximize profits!
  • MTT™ uses momentum patterns to capture imtermediate & long term WEEKLY signals
  • All buy & sell signals are 100% objective, clear and specific!
  • The average length of trade is about 5.48 weeks*

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