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Short-Term Trade Generator (ST2/G)

If serious money is your game ...
Then my Short-Term Trade Generator System (ST2/G)™ IS THE GAME...
For over 18 years now I've been asked to develop a fully automatic SHORT-TERM trading system that can be run on a computer.

I will only sell a few copies of ST2/G™, then it will be CLOSED
and no longer available.

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Today, ST2/G™ is more relevant than ever due to the record high short-term market volatility. Over the course of just a few days many futures markets can make moves of over $5000 per contract. While this has left many small traders out of the markets due to risk, many short-term traders, myself included, see this massive volatility as a means to an end... BUT ONLY IF THE MOVES CAN BE HARNESSED CORRECTLY! That's where my new SHORT-TERM TRADE GENERATOR™( ST2/G™) comes into play! * Although ST2/G™ focuses on short-term trades-it will occassionally hold big winners for a longer period!

Here are the features of my the STTG system:

  • Short-Term Trade Generator™ runs on Genesis Platinum™ or Gold™
  • Trades are based on my short-term version of the Bernstein Trend Index™
  • Signals are available at the end of each day for the markets that ST2/G™ trades
  • You can get the signals for each of the markets individually or as a Strategy Basket
  • Markets in the program are: Gold, E-Mini S&P, Aussie $, Euro FX, 10 Yr T-Notes, Crude Oil & Dollar Index.
  • Every trade has a stop loss, initial profit target & trailing stop, to maximize profits!
  • ST2/G™ focuses on markets that have been most volatile & which present the best opportunities
  • You'll get a complete manual with instructions and technical support!
  • All signals are 100% objective, clear and specific
  • The average length of trade is about 10 days*

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