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Online Trading Systems

Electronic Futures Trading System (TEM)

The concept is simple. It's called DISCIPLINE. By trading a fully mechanical system, you will add a major element of discipline to your trading and you will remove the emotional element that is clearly the weakest link in the trading equation. TEMâ„¢ is based on solid logic that is similar to that used in my Electronic Currently Trading System.

I will only sell a few copies of TEM™, then it will be CLOSED and no longer available.

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TEM™ runs under the Genesis™ Gold or Platinum platform or we can email you the signals. Signals can be emailed daily if you do not have the Genesis Program.

Here are the features of my the TEM system:

  • TEM™ trades a widely diversified group of markets.
  • TEM™ is fully back tested with MINIMAL optimization on a diverse group of electronically traded markets.
  • TEM™ is NOT a day trading system,
  • TEM™ has a Win % Accuracy of 56.5%
  • TEM™ Average Length of Trade is 9.85 Days,
  • TEM™ trades Soybeans, Soybean Oil, TNotes, Cattle, DOW JOnes, Gold, Hogs, OJ, Wheat, Crude Oil, Corn & Oats.
  • TEM™ is short-term trading system that comes with mini-contracts included, & a manual explaining details.
  • TEM™ is ideal for the new trader who wants to take advantage of the discipline that systems can provide!

Upgrades will be sent to you at no charge, and draw down has been minimal and reasonable. All trades contain initial stop loss, with EXACT entry and exit instructions for the electronic markets with built in profit maximizing strategy, and reports are generated daily. Additionally, I provide personal and complete technical support!

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