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Individual Webinars 4 — Online Seminars

The Big Kahuna - 24 May '08

Jakes clear picks for the next big movers based on his research and forecasts. Complete with visuals and forecasts as well as Q & A sessions from attendees

The Coming Commodity Collapse - 01 Mar '08

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Jake went on record well before the current collapse with specific recommendations and WARNINGS that the markets were not well. His warnings were clear and unhedged. This is a MUST for any trader who wants to see the accuracy of Jakes work and, above all, how he reached his amazing conclusions

The Coming Commodity Collapse UPDATE - 29 Mar '08

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Once Jakes forecasts about the commodity collapse came true he provided an update and further roadmap to trends in this very important Webinar

The Four Horsement of Success - 21 Jul '09

There are 4 integral aspects to success: Discipline, Methodology, Organization, and Profit Maximizing Strategy. Take away any one and they all fail (unless you are extremely lucky). Maximize them all and you are at the threshold of success in trading. It took me 15 years to realize this - and another 5 years to develop all four, and I'm still improving them!

The Mother of All Bull Markets - 17 Aug '09

Well ahead of the HUGE rally in bank stocks, I recommended them... the forecasts were specific, correct and timely. I now have strong technical evidence, as well as cyclical patterns, that tell me we may be on the verge of THE MOTHER OF ALL COMMODITY BULL MARKETS!

The Next Four Monster Trades - 21 Sep '09

I have 4 more BIG KAHUNAS for you, one each in: WHEAT, T-BONDS, LUMBER & NATURAL GAS. Which way will they move, when and how much? Join me for 90 mins of precision trading recommendations. I'll name names, targets, dates (when possible), futures, and stocks that could help you SCORE BIG when the next 4 MONSTER trades develop.

The Next Bull Market - 06 Dec '08

Are the BIGGEST Bull Markets in Commodity Prices Still Ahead of US? Get Ready NOW for the Next Super Bull Market in Commodities. Don't just fasten your seatbelt...get a parachute as well! Are The BIGGEST Bull Markets in Commodity Prices Still Ahead of Us? They, (the economists and other "experts") have mostly been DEAD WRONG... In short, they failed us miserably... Join me for an Eye-Opening Forecast!

The Six Elements of Success - 28 Sep '09

Believe me, after 41 years in the stock and commodity markets, I KNOW exactly what it takes to achieve consistent success as a trader. The sad part is that in my view... ALL OF THE TOOLS ARE AVAILABLE, TEACHABLE & LEARNABLE. Join me and learn the following 100% Objective Tools for Consistent Trading & Investing Success!

The Volatility Breakout for Short Term Trading - 28 Jun '07

Volatility Breakout (VB) has long been a favorite method among commodity and stock traders. Jake presents his ideas on VB and shows how to implement them for short term trades.

Trading MOJO Webinar - 08 Nov '08

Get Your Trading MOJO Running! Trading success isn't magical, it just seems that way when you know how to do it. I teach behavioral techniques that you can apply to VASTLY improve your market MOJO. I invite questiona and will answer any trading problems that you have, giving you my best answers based on vast experience as a trader, analyst, teacher and mentor.

Trading Solutions Webinar - 21 Nov '09

I will begin with a brief (15 min) talk on trading troubles and solutions, then I will open the session to questions from each attendee one at a time. If too many traders sign up, I will add sessions so that no session is too crowded to allow your participation. By seeing the questions and issues other traders have and by hearing the answers WE WILL ALL LEARN! That's it - plain and simple.

Trading System Development I - 16 Jun '09

Learn exactly how to develop a trading system on the Genesis Trade Navigator™ Platinum software, step by step, with 100% clarity. Find a Concept and an Indicator, Turn the Indicator into a Signal, Develop a Strategy into a 100% Objective Trading System and keep the system you develop! A system that would ordinarily sell for up to $3900!! ADVANCED!

Individual Webinars 5

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