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The 27 Trading Questions 
you always wanted answered
but which were never answered - until now!


27 Questions Video Clip

A 2-Session Webinar by Jake Bernstein
Recordings of BOTH Sessions will be available

Two 90-minute sessions
(3 hours total)

SATURDAYS 16 & 23 June   4:00 - 5:30 PM PT

Dear Trader:

When I started trading in 1967, I had many questions but very few answers. There were a few books on trading and there were many newsletter services, but the answers they provided were subjective, not rule-based and sadly as well - frequently incorrect.

I floundered in a quagmire of pathetic and subjective “tools” for over 15 years, trying to find answers to the basic trading questions.

Unfortunately, the answers were few and far between, and rarely with clear choices. It’s hard to believe that even today ,with all the advances in technology, statistics, trading strategies, computer hardware, and computer software,  that many traders ( in fact most traders ) are still searching to get solid answers to so many very basic and quintessential questions. In fact it’s sad but true.

I don’t have all the answers,

Although my experience is extensive, I don't have all the answers to all trading questions. However, the answers I do have are solid, objective, time-tested, actionable, and not subject to interpretation.

I learned through long and hard experience
and real-time hands-on trading!

The best teacher is experience. The worst teacher is subjectivity. The best trading methods are rule-based. The worst trading methods are based on interpretation and emotion. It has been almost 50 years since I made my first trade in the financial markets. Losses and profits have taught me well.

I had no mentor, no guide, no teacher, no solid books or courses, no models, and no individual who would help me. They were all out to improve themselves without any regard for anyone else who was trying to break into the business and make money trading.

I have met some very unscrupulous and shady characters along the way!

Every business has its lowlifes. Every business has its share of shady characters who want nothing but money and glory. Every business has its false prophets.

Unfortunately I  have met many of these on my journey to success. Fortunately I was skeptical enough not to get fooled into thinking that they had the answers I was seeking.

I feel the pain of traders
who seek so fervently to be successful

Because I have been there myself, I understand the plight of so many traders. Those who struggle daily to be successful are seeking answers but not finding them. Those who are doing well but who know they can do better, are looking for answers but not finding them. Those who have never traded and want to get started, are looking for answers and finding so many of them they can’t separate reality from fantasy,

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time

For many years I’ve been thinking about doing a webinar like the one I’m announcing today. My goal, in the interest of helping all traders, even those who are successful, is to provide solid, reliable, truthful answers to the 27 most vital and critically important questions that virtually every trader has or will have.

Understanding that I do not have all the perfect answers, I do believe I can provide you with reinforcement and encouragement for things you already know, as well as answers to things you may not know.

Nothing vague just solid and clear answers

That’s what this webinar will provide without any uncertainty whatsoever. Here are the 27 questions I will answer for you - answers that I believe will significantly improve what you’re doing and/or take you from being a losing trader to being a winning trader, provided you have the discipline to act according to the rules:

Real answers to critically important questions

At my 2-session webinar you will get all of the above questions answered specifically, clearly, and with solid examples drawn on my own extensive experience.  There will also be opportunities for you to ask other questions in the question-and-answer sessions.

Be prepared for straight talk without the nonsense

I assure you that this will be one of the best webinars I have ever presented. I will tell you exactly how it works, and exactly what you can expect. More importantly , I will tell you how you can overcome or completely avoid the many perennial issues and problems that stand in the way of success,  or which limit peak performance.

Remember that I have lived through all types of markets since my first trade over 50 years ago. As I’ve  said above, I don't have all the answers, but I have many extremely good ones which I’m sure will help you achieve your goals and maximize your performance.

To register for this timely 2-session webinar (three hours total time)
at the discount price click the link below. Discount expires June 1, 2018.


Jake Bernstein

PS: if you have any questions call the office or write me:

Jake Bernstein |  LinkedIn @drtrade


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