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How to Find and Trade High Odds, Low Risk Futures Spreads for Maximum Profit

Dear Trader,

There are very few low risk, low margin opportunities these days in the future markets. As traders we like to take as little risk as possible while maximizing profits to the greatest extent. There are very few trading approaches that offer this ideal combination.

If you have never traded spreads before then this is a great opportunity for you to learn how to find and trade the highest odds lowest risk and lowest margin spreads available today.

If you have traded spreads before and you understand their power and potential as well as their high degree of predictability then this webinar can improve vastly on what you are already doing.

Here are some of the advantages of trading futures spreads:

  • Intra- commodity spreads have extremely low margin requirements, often no more than a few hundred dollars while
    at the same time having very high profit potential frequently
    two or three times the margin requirement

  • Many spreads have histories dating back almost half a century
    with high probability of success with very predictable patterns

  • Many spreads also have extremely small stop losses and have never been stopped out using our procedures and rules

  • In the past spread orders had to be placed one leg at a time. Now many spreads can be entered as one order and traded as one unit which simplifies the process significantly

  • The vast majority of spreads are traded by professionals.
    When you trade spreads the way professionals do you will be
    in good company!

Here’s what I’ll teach you at my webinar

  • How to find the lowest risk highest probability spreads in existence today
  • How to determine the proper degree of risk
  • How to maximize the profit potential for each spread
  • How to enter spread orders correctly
  • When to exit spreads for maximum profit potential
  • How to determine if the spread is likely to continue moving
    in the right direction
  • How to time your entry
  • New profit maximizing strategies for spreads
  • How to trade inter-commodity spreads
    (riskier but much more profitable)
  • How to use speeds to determine market direction and change
  • A list of the most popular spreads by month
  • Exact entry and exit dates for spreads
  • Complete historical track record
  • Short-term spread trading
  • Intermediate term spread trading
  • Determining the right spreads for your account, and
  • Much more

At my webinar I will not only teach you how to find the right spreads but how to enter and exit spreads using the right orders and confirming timing triggers. I will show you three different methods for trading spreads all of which are completely objective and 100% rule-base.

As an example here is one of the spreads I will show you. Note that this spread contains everything you need to know, entry date, exit date result, complete history, stop loss, average profit average loss and so much more. This is a wealth of information that is not available to most traders simply because they do not have a history or the methodology to generate history. Here’s your opportunity to learn from someone who really knows how to maximize spread trading to your advantage.

Seasonal spread charts

I will also teach you exactly how to use seasonal spread charts in order to determine timing and optimum move as well as magnitude of move. The chart below is an example of what I’m talking about.

Register now

I’ve kept the cost of this two hour webinar extremely low to allow as many traders as possible to access my information at a reasonable price. Just one profitable spread trade based on my information could easily make much more than what you pay for this webinar.


Client - $129
NON -Client - $189

This webinar will be recorded and available to you within 24 hours
after the session. So if you can’t attend, you can get the recording

If you have any questions please write:

Best of trading,


Jake Bernstein |  LinkedIn @drtrade

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