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What I will teach you
at this unique and extremely focused 3-hour session

Before I go into details, here's another example of a good trade that became a great trade. Again, the process (which I will teach you) was simple and rule based from before its inception all the way to its conclusion.

I could easily tell you to buy some of my books and/or some of my webinar recordings. While that may be helpful in teaching you my indicators, strategies, and rules, it may not be helpful in showing you how to apply them.

Not only do you need to know the rules,
you need to know how to integrate the rules,
your risk level, your risk tolerance, your funds, and your time
into a methodology that is also consistent and rule based

At my 3-hour webinar I will show you EXACTLY how I do it and how you can do it too. Using rules, procedures, and solid proven concepts, I will show you how you can adapt or adopt my methodologies to your specific needs and goals.


The ultimate goal of all trading and investing is to be profitable one way or another. Whether you trade spreads, stocks, futures, or 4X, you have many choices each day. Sometimes you have too many choices. If you make the right choices at the beginning of the trade, then your outcomes will be considerably better. But how do you make the right choices? Even if you're familiar with all of my methods you're still faced with the decision-making process every day.

I will give you numerous examples of the decision-making process within the context of my trading methods using my 100% setup trigger and follow through model. I will show example after example of my EXACT PROCESS.

Here are the highlights of what I will teach you

How to make better decisions before you make a trade
How to find great trades while rejecting mediocre trades
How to turn good trades into excellent trades
Three profit maximizing strategies
How to coordinate different time frames and different signals
How to determine your own risk level
How to allocate resources
How to structure your selection process
What to do at the end of each day
What to do at the beginning of each day
How to streamline your trading
How to resolve conflicting signals
How to be organized to reduce errors and increase profits
How to avoid costly distractions
How to reduce or eliminate trading errors
and much more

If you feel you can do better but don't know how -
I will show you how to take your trading to the next level

If you've been working hard and making very little money but believe that you understand the rules, then this is the perfect webinar for you. Sometimes it's not enough to just know the rules. You have to know how, when, and why to apply the rules. You need to be selective and focused. Most traders don't know how to begin this process. Let me teach you my approach.

3 solid hours

This 3-hour webinar is designed to be the most precise and concise webinar I have ever presented. Drawing on a near half-century of experience, I will show you example after example of trade selection, initiation, and management to help you achieve considerably better performance and results from your trading. However, understand that I can't do everything for you. You ultimately will have to apply the discipline to consistently implement what I'm teaching you. Knowing what and when to do it as well as how to do it will bring you closer to perfecting your discipline.

The session will be recorded

This highly important 3-hour class will be recorded and you will get access to the recording link so that you can play back and study the lessons learned. If you have any questions about this webinar, email me.

Best of trading,

Jake Bernstein

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How to find GREAT trades
in stocks, futures, and Forex

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How to find GREAT trades
in stocks, futures, and Forex



How to find GREAT trades
in stocks, futures, and Forex



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