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Beginning AGAIN Wednesday 1 October 2014


Dear Trader,

I want to thank all who wrote me and/or called me last few days expressing your appreciation and suggestions about my Daily Top 3 Futures Report. As you know my goals were clearly stated as follows: to help you learn my trading methods, to show you the process of my work, and to help you make money as a trader. If you have been following my recommendations then you know that they were clear, consistent, and objective. We had a few winners (corn, Tnotes twice and a wheat spread). We had a Canadian dollar loss and a sugar loss.  Recommendations in gold and soybean oil have not, as of this writing, hit stops or targets. Here verbatim is a testimonial I received yesterday:

“I have found your 3 Top Futures service very helpful and an excellent cross reference.As always - you continue to assist in a manner that is extremely clear, insightful and enjoyable. If you were to continue with the 3 top futures subscription,
I would avail of the service.”

If you are sincerely interested in learning how to trade, how to be an independent trader, and how to learn the trading game using my clear and objective rules, then you need to understand the why and wherefore of every trade that you make.

I want to bring you clarity first, and profits will then follow


I have traveled all over the world and have taught at hundreds of seminars and webinars, and I’ve spoken to traders just about everywhere. I know how desperately so many people are trying to learn the trading business.  Everyone who trades wants to achieve the dream and the promise of wealth and independence. And I also know how few great teachers there are out there who are willing and able to teach solid trading methods. I believe that these goals were achieved admirably in the first series of this report.  I invited your comments and...

The Verdict: “Do it Again”

Your overwhelming response to my daily 3 top futures report was positive. You want me to do it again. And I will. Beginning October 1, I will re-start this excellent service. I will give you specific trades in futures and/or forex, the reasons why, and follow through for every trade from start to end. And my new service will do that every trading day for 20 trading days. You will get between 3 to 5 trades daily and/or follow-up on existing recommendations. These will be short-term trades and seasonal trades. The logic for each trade will be fully explained. It is, in my view, the ultimate learning tool.

If you’re truly motivated to learn,

Every trading day I will give you my top three trades for the day as well as exact technical reasons complete with charts and indicators to help you understand exactly what I’m recommending and why.
These will not be day trades. They will be short term trades, 2-7 days duration, although some may hit their targets the same day.  Every trade I recommend will be followed through from start to finish, with specific illustration including text, charts and indicators to explain in 100% detail my methodology, rationale, and rules.

I repeat: to help you learn my methods,

A solid, rule based trading education for less than 10 bucks a day

My new report will come to you every trading day for 20 days. You will get 20 days of rational, actionable, completely clear recommendations and education at less than $10 a day. Certainly, you have likely wasted more than $10 a day on impulsive trades or books you bought and put on the shelf never to read.

I will cover lower volatility markets that won’t take your head off if you’re wrong. Exactly what futures will those be? I will choose from those with lower risk and higher odds of success on my methods. In addition, as a subscriber you can email me for further clarification on every trade.

I want you to learn this stuff!

Some of these trades may end up needing day trades but most of them will be short-term, by which I mean 2 to 7 days. To further your educational opportunity, I will choose from several different trading methods I developed, explaining each trade in complete detail.

I wish I was given this opportunity 44 years ago when I started trading

Unfortunately, there was nobody willing to do that. Sadly, I stumbled around in the vast dark wilderness of trading confusion for over 15 years before I started to find my way. My plight is still a source of considerable pain and frustration to me and my sincere intention is to help others avoid the agony of ignorance.

I can’t guarantee you profits but I can guarantee you clarity. I can guarantee you solid risk management which is the primary goal of what a trader should and MUST do. If we manage risk consistently and professionally then our good trading methods will succeed.

I must limit the number of subscribers for three reasons

The first series of this report which began in August was oversubscribed within two days of my announcement. I must again limit the number of subscribers I can take. CURRENT SUBSCRIBERS OF THIS REPORT WILL GET PRIORITY. Limiting the number of subscribers is not a marketing gimmick. I am not interested in creating a sense of urgency in order to have you subscribe. My reasons are strictly in our best interest. They are as follows:

  1. I do not want a large number of orders going into the same markets at the same price at the same time by a large number of traders since this will potentially impact our ability to get filled
  2. I do not want to take on so many potential email questions from subscribers that I will not be able to answer all of you, due time limitations. And,
  3. I will hold several other sessions in the future to allow everyone who wants to participate the ability to do so. In other words I’m making the education accessible to anyone


A bold step few others are willing or able to attempt

Why? I can probably give you a dozen reasons, but the most credible and accurate reason is this: most people in this business are afraid to put their methods and trades to the test by providing specific buys and sells, risk management and above all, the REASONS for their recommendations.

They would rather keep you ignorant so that you keep coming back for more of their information which they will be glad to sell you. My 3 TOP FUTURES TRADES will be delivered to you by email daily BEFORE day session openings

To get my report subscribe now

Openings are limited.

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Jake Bernstein

P.S. I will also publish my 3 TOP Short-Term STOCK TRADES II - daily.
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