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Will you be ready when the metals explosion erupts?


Jake Bernstein’s
Metals Market Weekly Report
6 Month Subscription
Beginning 12 September 2016

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Dear Trader,

Beginning the week of September 12, and every week for the next 6 months I will record and send you my detailed, concise, precise, and insightful Metals Market Weekly Report.  This is by far the absolute best way to take advantage of the coming explosive moves in all metals.

Have you been listening?

If you had an opportunity to see my 2016 Forecast which was presented in November of last year then you know my very bullish forecast for precious metals has been on target! If you attended my recent Midyear Update, then you know I am still very bullish on all metals. I strongly advised everyone to “do something” by which I meant take even a small position in precious metals and or copper.

This year gold alone has been one of the best investments yielding over 25%.
The other precious metals have also soared!

I firmly believe that the best is yet to come.

RIGHT NOW, we are in the ideal seasonal timeframe for potentially explosive moves up in all metals. If my work is correct, and given the tenuous international and domestic uncertainty that underlies all world economies, as well as the unprecedented central bank manipulation of interest rates, the potential for precious metals to soar is greater than ever. I have already gotten part of that move but there is much more to come. I want you to get some or more of these moves. Accordingly, later this week I will begin publication of my online recorded and detailed Metals Market Weekly Report to help you get tuned in to these developing HUGE opportunities. I will only publish this report for 6 months, by which time these moves should be well on their way and by which time you should be well-positioned to participate in the metals mayhem that most likely awaits us.

Don’t look back on today and say “I wish I had done something.”

Every week you will receive my recorded report in video form, complete with PDF and detailed recommendations. It will be recorded live on my computer in my office and I will share with you all relevant charts for stocks and futures showing you precise timing, projections, expectations, forecasts and relevant cycles and indicator patterns in gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper. I will examine all of these markets from 3 critical perspectives:

• short-term trading patterns and expectations

• intermediate-term patterns and expectations (6 to 9 months)

• long-term investment patterns and expectations (9 months to several years)

Here’s What You’ll Get

Every week for up to 45 minutes I will cover some or all of these vital topics:

• the current trend status of all metals futures

• timing and trend considerations

• support and resistance levels

• current recommendations, stops, triggers and follow through

• suggested profit maximization strategies

• specific recommendations in stocks

• specific recommendations in futures

• specific recommendations in ETF’s

• major and minor cycles

• exact seasonal trades and timing

• spreads and ratios where relevant

• suggested portfolio

• developing patterns

• relevant and potentially significant fundamental developments

• and more

Every issue of my Metals Market Weekly Report will be highly detailed showing you charts with my precise patterns and expectations including timing, triggers, cycles, unique patterns and more. As always I want my reports to you to be informative, profitable and educational. In other words I want you to learn to earn.

We begin in a few days!

Because we are now in a critical timeframe for all metals and because many respected analysts have now turned bearish on gold, confusion and concern reign supreme. Let me clarify the issues and expectations for you, subscribe now and don’t miss the first edition.

Best of trading!

Jake Bernstein on Facebook Jake Bernstein |  LinkedIn @drtrade

PS. Write me if you have any questions: jake@trade–

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Metals Market Weekly Report
6 Month Subscription

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Metals Market Weekly Report
6 Month Subscription

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Metals Market Weekly Report
6 Month Subscription


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