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Jake Bernstein Webinars | For the rest of 2016

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Dear Trader,

In my never-ending quest to bring traders and investors solid, objective, actionable, and effective trading tools, I am pleased to announce my trading webinar schedule for the rest of 2016. This list will give you ample advance notice of the outstanding trading tools that I will be teaching.

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NOTE: All times are USA Pacific Time


Below are the dates, times, and a brief description
of what each webinar will feature

Advanced Methods for Trading Seasonals
In Stocks, Futures and Spreads

In the Advanced Methods for Trading Seasonals Webinar I will show you:

• review the basic method of seasonal trading in stocks futures and Forex

• I will show you how to pick the best seasonal trades

• how to get into seasonal trades early

• how to get into seasonal trades late

• how to pick the right trades for your budget

• how to maximize the trading profits

• how to develop your personal seasonal trading portfolio

• how to use weekly seasonal charts

• how to use daily seasonal charts

• how to find “hidden seasonals”

• how seasonals can tilt a trade in your favor

• I will show you seasonal day trading methodology

• and more

FRIDAY, 9 SEPTEMBER - 2 Hours - 3:30 - 5:30 PM PDT

Client Price $169 - Non-Client Price $229
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My 5 Best Leading Indicators

Traders know that most indicators lag behind the markets. In other words, they tell you after a top or bottom has been made. All too often they lag so far behind the trend that by the time you find out about a change in trend, it’s already too late to do something about it without risking being whipsawed. Lagging indicators are horribly and notoriously low in accuracy. The traditional use of moving averages with approximately 35% accuracy is typical of lagging indicator performance. The good news, however, is that there are a few excellent leading indicators that every trader should know. Although considerably preferable to lagging indicators, leading indicators can also be dangerous if they get you in too soon. Knowing how to use leading indicators once you find them is the key to their effective use.

In My 5 Best Leading Indicators Webinar I will show you:

• my 5 best leading indicators

• how to use them to your advantage

• how to use a timing trigger with indicators

• when leading indicators can hurt you

• when leading indicators can help you

• spread relationships as leading indicators for spotting major moves

• clear and concise examples

• and much more

FRIDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER - 90 Minutes 3:30 - 5:00 PM PDT

Client Price $89 - Non-Client Price $149
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The 10 Things That Can Break You
The 10 Things That Can Make You

Why is it that traders who have solid and effective trading tools can still lose money? What is it that makes trading such a psychological game? What behaviors almost inevitably lead to failure in the markets? What behaviors are highly correlated with successful trading? Drawing on my near half a century of trading experience, will share with you:

The following critically important information to help you bring
your trading to the next level:

• why traders lose: how traders win

• behaviors closely associated with winning

• behaviors closely associated with losing

• how to overcome losing behaviors

• how to build winning behaviors

• my simple cures for the most complex problems

• importance of the 10 trade challenge

• how to turn your trading around from bad to good or from better to best

FRIDAY, 23 SEPTEMBER - 90 Minutes 3:30 - 5:00 PM PDT

Client Price $69 - Non-Client Price $129
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How to Combine Time Frames and Methods for Peak Precision

Knowledge of various trading systems and indicators can be a great asset to traders but most often it’s a serious liability. The more information you have about the markets, the more likely you are to be frozen by indecision, self-doubt and “paralysis of analysis .”  But the good news is this: there are few very effective ways to combine methods and time frames into a unified structure to help you achieve more precise entries and exits. In this webinar I will demonstrate several ways to combine my trading methods into synergistic strategies, while at the same time fine-tuning entry using different time frames. This webinar will bring clarity and precision to those who have been searching for ways to integrate various methods into a unified whole.

Here’s what I will teach you:

• how to fine tune short-term timing entry

• how to enter weekly trends with daily triggers

• how to enter daily trends with intraday triggers

• which are the best methods to combine

• how to fine-tune seasonal trades with short-term timing

• how to fine-tune major market reactions to news

• which time frames combine best

• how to fine tune large gap openings

• real examples from my own trading

• and more

FRIDAY, 30 SEPTEMBER - 2 Hours - 3:30 - 5:30 PM PDT

Client Price $149 - Non-Client Price $249
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How to Profit from Major Reactions to the News

Nowadays, markets react to news more violently than ever before. It is not uncommon to see a stock jump or decline 10% or more immediately upon the opening, following a major news event. Recent reaction to the so-called “Brexit” is just one example of what has been happening. Rarely a day goes by without a major move up or down. Stock and futures traders can use such extreme reactions to their advantage… BUT HOW? Through my own active trading I have developed a number of procedures to help traders take advantage of and manage such sharp reaction to news. The process is very simple, but procedural and rule-based.

In this webinar designed for short-term traders, I will show you how to:

• buy on timing triggers after major down reactions to news

• sell on timing triggers after major up reactions to news

• determine in advance when a market will open sharply higher/lower  
   and what your most favorable actions would be

• why news-generated moves are your best gifts from the market

• plan your entry before markets open

• when and how to know you’re wrong

• when and how to take profits from these moves

• how to fine-tune entries and exits

• specific real examples from recent history

FRIDAY, 7 OCTOBER - 2 Hours - 3:30 - 5:30 PM PDT

Client Price $129 - Non-Client Price $249
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The 2017 Annual Forecast

In November, well before most other people in this business, I will present my 2017 Annual Forecast.

Many of the forecasts I gave last year for 2016 have made giant moves.

In this solid three-hour presentation the following topics will be covered:

• projection and status of all major and minor cycles and futures and stocks

• the long-term outlook

• the intermediate-term outlook

• analysis of major buyers and sellers

• trend and price projections for all major markets

• cycle projection charts

• status of COT indicators

• long-term/intermediate-term support and resistance levels

• what to expect in 2017

• timing triggers to watch for

• and more

FRIDAY, 18 NOVEMBER - 3 Hours - 3:30 - 6:30 PM PST

Client Price $189 - Non-Client Price $329
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See you at the webinars!

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