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The Jake Bernstein 2019 MIDYEAR FORECAST

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Saturday, 29 June 2019
3:00-6:00 PM PDT

If you didn't believe me in late 2018
you may want to listen to me this time.

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Dear Investor-Trader:

My Mid-Year 2019 Forecast originally scheduled for this Saturday, June 22, will be delayed by one week and rescheduled for Saturday, June 29th.

Why? The next week is likely to contain significant market related data which could affect virtually all capital markets and trends for the next year or longer.

Many markets are now on the verge of making significant price trend changes or continuing sharp moves in their current direction. I want my timing to be as precise as possible for you and therefore, we will take an extra week to prepare my forecast. I will assure you the wait will be well worthwhile.

Get ready for some real shockers!


Jake Bernstein
Network Press

In late 2018 I presented my 2019 Annual Forecast Webinar. It was by far and away one of the most important and accurate annual forecasts I’ve ever given. My research suggests that the rest of this year will likely provide some shocking surprises for those who are unprepared and some great opportunities for those of us who are prepared. The best way to take advantage of the amazing moves that now await us is to attend my 2019 Midyear Forecast.

The record is clear and impressive.

Here are a few of my forecasts given in the last 36 months!

• US stocks: bull market to continue

• Commodities: many commodities bottoming CORRECT

• Commercials: buying many commodities for bullish moves CORRECT

• Gold: low made. Take longs on next weekly trigger. CORRECT

• Interest rates: low due soon. CONTINUED

• Lumber: all time highs AS PREDICTED

• Buy housing stock and REITS CORRECT

• Real Estate: bull market to continue CORRECT

• BrPound vs US$: cycle low due. WAITING FOR TRIGGER

• Aussie $ vs US$: cycle low due CORRECT

• Cattle: 10 yr cycle low due.   CORRECT

• Sugar: cycle low due. WAITING

• Yen vs US$: major cycle low due CORRECT

• Cocoa: cycle high due CORRECT

• Coffee: cycle low due. WAITING

• Palladium: Explosive rally coming.  ABSOLUTELY CORRECT

The Next Six Months: Critically Important!

As world economies remain in turmoil and as the geopolitical climate throughout the world continues to deteriorate, we are now immersed in what could very well be the most critically important six months in international economic history. The confluence of politics, economics, worker frustration, financial inequality, and wholesale human population displacement creates an explosive situation and begs resolution as soon as possible.

Furthermore, my technical indicators which include cycles, seasonals, market sentiment, timing, and indicators, and highly accurate patterns strongly suggest that we need to be prepared for considerable economic upheaval.

My 2019 Annual Forecast

Presented in Webinar form in late 2018, I gave specific forecasts and recommendations many of which have become verified and, for those who follow them, profitable. Given the critically important juncture which now awaits us, my 2019 Midyear Forecast will be another eye-opener and I expect it will provide you with a multitude of potentially profit-making recommendations.

Here is a partial list of what I will cover in this major 3-hour Webinar:

• The cycles forecast for all major futures and stock indices

• Clearly illustrated long-term cycle charts with my proprietary indicators

• Approximate timing for major moves

• Price and time trend projections

• Confluence of 4 critical indicators

• Commentary on the outlook for each market

• What to realistically expect

• Long-term investment suggestions

• ETF suggestions for each market

• Status of inflationary/disinflationary pressures

• Which markets offer the best “bang for the buck”

• Real estate and farmland price trends and projections

• Will precious metals explode?

• Lumber: bullish again?

• Why copper could make all time highs

• The coming "melt-up" in stocks

• Currency wars to continue

• The next currency bull market - which one?

• OJ - The next big bull market?

• Much more

Questions and Answers

At each session I will provide plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions and most of all to get answers. Presentations will not be based on my opinions. Opinions can be plentiful but rarely objective. I won’t bore you with opinions, but I present you with observable demonstrable facts so that you can be the judge whether what I’m saying has value in your financial future.

The Amazing Confluence

When you see the amazing confluence of the indicators and patterns I will show you I believe you will be impressed and enthusiastic as I am. While my approach is direct and simple, it is outstanding in its ability to forecast the big moves with clarity and accuracy . I like big moves. The moves make big money. Make big money by spending 3 hours with me.

Session Will Be Recorded

The 3-hour webinar will be recorded and sent to you within 24 hours after presentation. You have access to it anytime you like and, as stated above the live session will be repeated twice so you can attend either or both sessions for the same price.


Although you may not agree with everything I say, I assure you it will make you think. To me the technical cyclical evidence is compelling and illuminating. I believe that huge investment opportunities are just a few weeks away. Give yourself an opportunity to see what my detailed and highly valid technical work is saying right now. You will have considerable food for thought. If you failed to act on my last forecasts and regret that, here’s your opportunity to get on board.

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See you at the webinar!

PS. Write me if you have any questions: jake@trade–


The Jake Bernstein
2019 MidYear Forecast

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