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Pay $11.99 monthly for the next 10 months.

Jake Bernstein eBook My Life As A Trader  Monthly Subscription

Or pay $99 one time for the entire series released monthly.

Jake Bernstein eBook My Life As A Trader  12 Issues


My Life in the Markets
The 27 life-changing rules
from 52 years of experience

A new serial eBook by Jake Bernstein: Prepublication Discount.

Dear Trader,

Over the next 10 months I will publish my new eBbook which promises to be my absolute best book ever, designed specifically to help you learn from my vast experience which now covers 52 years.

Every month for the next 10 months you will receive two or more chapters, each detailing the most important lessons I’ve learned since I made my first trade in the summer of 1967.

Make no mistake about it. This book has the potential to dramatically alter your perspective and vision of trading, which could VASTLY improve your performance like nothing else you’ve seen before!

For most of us, there comes a time in life where money, fame, and challenges take second place to the legacy we want to leave when we are gone. For many of us in the trading community there comes a time where we look around us and see the perennial pain and suffering, frustration and failures that afflict so many traders. In the meantime professional traders, hedge fund managers, top analysts, and a select few individuals continue to reap large and sometimes obscene profits.The average trader always needs help but the help must be CLEAR AND OBJECTIVE!

It could be that one insight, that one indicator, that one change in perspective, that one new trading rule, that one attitude adjustment, makes all the difference in the world. I believe that my new series eBook has the potential to be that vehicle, the missing link, the key to positively and permanently changing things for you!

No, this won’t be the “same old stuff.” It won’t be the “to be successful you must have discipline” worn out boring crap you hear all the time. 

I will share real experiences, my real lessons learned, my no holds barred impression of the industry, of the traders, of indicators, of trading methods, and more. EVERY CHAPTER WILL RELATE AN EXPERIENCE AND TEACH A SOLID VITAL RULE!

Here are the working titles of the first few chapters:
• Why I’m a numbers guy: my daddy’s Tattoo  91126. Numbers = Success

• Working at the Insane Asylum: behavior is preceded by clues. How to spot them!

• The Old Man at the Merc:
   What he taught me in 1979 – and its near-perfect record since

• When chickens die we make big bucks: the BEST trading method ever

• Lemmings, Suckers and Sheep: How to AVOID STUPID Decisions 




  1. Why I’m a “Numbers Guy” – My Daddy’s Tattoo 91126

  2. Working at the Cuckoo’s Nest - Clues Precede Behavioral Changes

  3. When Chickens Die We Make Big Bucks

  4. The Old Man at the Merc - An Amazing Tool Still Valid 40 Years Later

  5. My Two Best Students - What I Taught Them - What They Taught Me

  6. “How the Hell Can I Get Discipline?”

  7. Taking the 10 Trade Challenge: Discipline the Easy Way

  8. To Make Money You Have To Not Care!

  9. Major Secret: Take Your Losses before You Make a Trade… What?

  10. The Reliable Antiauthority: How to Find One and Use One

  11. Is the Golden Cross Golden… Is the Death Cross Deadly?

  12. Does It Scare You?  If it does Then Don’t Trade It!

  13. Is the Small Trader Always Wrong? How to use Market Sentiment

  14. Track Record Deception: Don’t Be a Victim

  15. 17 Things You Must Know Before You Make a Trade

  16. The Quintessential Timing Concept – Don’t Leave Home without It

  17. Driving to Los Angeles (Don’t You Wonder What This One’s about)

  18. But the Report Was Bullish! Why Are Prices Dropping?

  19. The Pit and the Pendulum: Old-Fashioned Wisdom

  20. What Do You Think Now Mr. Big Bond Trader?

  21. It’s a Beautiful Theory But How Do We Use It? Market Profile Theory

  22. Try and Trade like the “Big Traders” Do and You Will Lose… Why?

  23. The Good Old Boys at the Farm Bureau

  24. Drink It by the Bottle - Thank You Larry

  25. The Million-Dollar Proposition

  26. Keeping a Low Profile

  27. The Way Forward: It’s All about AI



As a current client you can subscribe immediately while the discount is still in effect and begin this 10 month fabulous journey with me. Approximately 250 pages. Learn things about me that you never heard before and learn from my experiences how you can become better and better at what you do by benefiting from my successes and failures as a trader, market analyst, advisor, mentor, and research provider to some of the biggest and best names in the trading business. Approximately 250 pages. Pay $11.99 monthly for the next 10 months, or pay $99 one time for the entire series released monthly

Pay $11.99 monthly for the next 10 months.

Jake Bernstein eBook My Life As A Trader  Monthly Subscription

Or pay $99 one time for the entire series released monthly.

Jake Bernstein eBook My Life As A Trader  12 Issues

Whether you agree with my methodologies, whether you embrace my perspectives, whether you value my work, whether you value my contributions to the trading community, I assure you that my words at worst will make you think and at best will change you for the better!

Best of trading,

Jake Bernstein
Network Press

PS: when completed this book will most likely be published in hard copy by a major publisher. You, however, have the opportunity to see it before the general public can buy it online or at the bookstore in hard copy

PPS: if and when a hardcopy book is published I will send you the hardcopy, personally autographed by me, for shipping charges only.  This offer applies only to those who by the full 27 chapters.

PS. Write me if you have any questions: jake@trade–

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