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Thank you for visiting my Website. My 40 years of experience have allowed me to develop, refine and organize what I feel are some of the most effective and objective tools in the trading business. They are based on my research as well as my personal application of the methods and procedures. All of my work in the markets is designed by intent to be SPECIFIC, OBJECTIVE and CLEAR. Clarity and objectivity are two essential elements for success in all forms of trading.

Beginner: The suggested services, books and Webinars are for new traders or beginners.If you are just getting started in trading or if you have less than one year of experience then these are likely to be very helpful services for you. The resources below will help you gain confidence by showing you the basic tools you need for success in the markets. Click on any item for more information or to order online.

We recommend purchasing Subscriptions & Services first and then Books & other products.

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